Saturday, January 23, 2016

January - 1 Month Home

This past month I have learned so much about being a mom to our little Lyla. Several parts are easy and some are not so much.

Lyla finally learned to eat well! We are so proud of her. She takes a bottle like a champ and even takes to the breast every once in a while. I offer her breast every day in the hopes that one day her stamina will improve and she will take it easily.

Family came in for Lyla's baby blessing at church and our house was full of visitors. We loved having the family visit, but it was nice once everyone went home.

We learned this past week that Lyla has an allergy to dairy and because I am breastfeeding I have to be off dairy too. It seemed like it would be a more difficult challenge than it really is. I am the type of person that a challenge for someone else is really easy. It was easy to give up caffeine because it was for her. It was easy to do a diabetic diet because it was for her. Now, I walk away from dairy for her. I wanted her for so long that any thing she needs I will do it.

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