Friday, December 11, 2015

Week 1

Lyla had a NG (feeding tube) and was on oxygen. She also had an IV and a PICC line. The PICC lines made it to where they would not have to keep removing and replacing the IV's in her hands. PICC's are permitted to stay in longer whereas an IV will need taken out and replaced every week. I strongly suggest allowing the doctors to place a PICC line.
When I got to see her for the first time at the children's hospital, she looked so fragile due to the amount of tubes and cords running through her.
She had an IV in her right hand, two PICC lines coming from her right arm. She had 2 IV lines coming from her belly button. Those lines had multiple syringes coming off of them. She also had 6 leads monitoring her heart as well as 2 pulse ox's one on her left hand the other on her right foot. Needless to say she was wired.
This was Lyla just hours after birth in the NICU.
They decided on her 6th day of life that they wanted to place a shunt, but then changed their mind last minute and decided to do a heart catheterization instead.

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